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In recent years, there have been strong concerns about the decline and dilution of peace, especially among the younger generation. In an era where everyone can receive information easily, no matter how important the information is, we need to be proactive in receiving such information. How can we act, if we have no knowledge to act upon.

To maintain peace, we need to have “a chance to know”. With the help of modern technology, this project is creating the “chance to know” for the younger generation.
To pass on the importance of peace, to the coming generation.


Nanae Maiguma
Art Director/Designer

Born in Nagasaki, third generation atomic bomb-victum. Grew up in an environment of hearing stories from her grandmother about the incident, having familiarity in peace education and atomic bomb remains.
People praying silently with a siren on August 9th (the day the atomic bomb was dropped), was a common practice in Nagasaki. But when there was no siren in Tokyo on that day, it made her uncomfortable. Hence the project, ‘Vase of Pray’ began. To create a chance to know about war and atomic bomb for the younger generation.


  1. 2021 Selected as a fiscal year 2021 project for the"Subsidy for the project to support new ways of conveying peace".Culture of Peace
  2. 2017 YouFab Global Creative Award 2017 Finalist from 227artwork/26 countries participating.
    Selected in the Finalist20.