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Vase to Pray Project is a project to pray for world peace by having many people as possible to know about the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The “Prayer Vase” is a re-creation of a bottle deformed by the blast of heat from the atomic bomb. By 3D scanning and produced by Nagasaki’s Hasamiyaki porcelain. It is a “art”’ work to pass on the experience and as a vase to pray for peace, Project “Vase to Pray” is the pass on the importance of peace to the younger generation.


  1. Exhibited at TIN SHEDS GALLERY

  2. Prayer vases will be available for sale.

  3. Notice of Traffic Restrictions for Visitors to the "Prayer Vase Exhibition"

  4. The exhibition "Prayer Vase Exhibition 2021: Remembering Nagasaki" will be held at the gallery.

  5. We were featured on "NHK WORLD JAPAN".

  6. Featured in "NHK HUMAN".

  7. We tried crowdfunding.